Diane Cooper LMT


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"Diane is an outstanding masseuse. She provides an excellent deep tissue massage and is wonderful at finding and relaxing tight muscles, especially in my back. She is also incredibly skilled at massage for TMJ related pain and helping to resolve it."

D. R.

Diane's a wonder...As always this woman is amazing in what she does and how she does it. Very, very strong and knows how to make a grown man cry :)

Larry L

After too much airplane travel Diane is the solution...Diane is terrific for getting those exceptionally tight neck, shoulder, and leg knots to release, and I truly needed her help after six consecutive weeks of flying all over the world, sitting on airplanes, and spending too much time sitting in meetings. She's the best!

Mike S

Diane Cooper is amazing! She fit us in for the best massages ever at very short notice. We were both sore after our annual flag football 'Turkey Bowl' tried to book massages late Friday for early Saturday. A friend referred us to Westlake Massage, I checked the website, but was only able to book one 1.5 hr massage. Diane suggested we split the time & both get 45 min massages. Her skill, intuitiveness & really cool 'moving cupping' machine are pure magic!

Wendy T

Diane was fabulous! She patiently listened to my symptoms and created a variety of massages to work on my incredibly sore muscles in my back. I have slept well and feel healthier after that massage. I plan to return!



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